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Support Program for the Fight against Poverty for the Emergence and Restoration of Sustainable Development (PALPER asbl-RDC), is a non-profit association working in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Province of North Kivu, it is recognized by Congolese law and endowed with legal personality N ° JUST. / SG / 20/1170/2018, Provincial Operating Authorization, Certificate of Justice Registration N °: JUST./112 / 420 / NK / 2019, Certificate of Social Affairs Registration N °: 08 / DIVAS / NK / AS / 082/2019, Registration Certificate Plan N °: 699 / DPP / NK / 2019, Notarial Statutes, Regulations internal order. Our activities are implemented through the following business sectors: EDUCATION, HEALTH, AGRICULTURE, WASH, PROTECTION, NFI, ENVERONMENT, MICROFINANCE, RESEARCH, In the but increase further the living conditions of the population in difficult situation and disasters, we come to your benevolence and international solidarity, to request a partnership with your organization so that together we can reduce the vulnerability of the population in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Province of North Kivu, according to the areas of intervention. Our Facebook page is Palper Asbl, PALPER asbl-RDC , Président PALPER asbl-RDC. Martin

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République Démocratique du Congo, Nord-Kivu, Goma, KARISIMBI, KATOYI, LEMBI,N°18

Topics I am interested in

Mobility, Energy, Environment, Education, Health, Nutrition and Consumption, Art and Culture, Money and Finance, Business and Law, Construction and Living, Climate Protection

What I wish to learn

échange, d'expérience, interculturel, partenariat, collaboration, coopération, travail, communautaire, projet



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