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A Stage Production with a full cast of actors, performers and activists to set a new stone...or to shuffle the algorithms of the continent and with a little bit of luck they may shift the clock of life. The story tells a tale about an Africa's continent far out forgotten filled with incredible historical events recreated to highlight a certain hidden lessons and values ocf the black race sustainable resources, its it'a story of revival where some generals returns to have some final words for the modern world and their fabricated modernity, Boat captains in explicit torments, next to man of ethics and values with thriomphant tribes humming epic rythmes on cotton fields as final scene...all wrap around our two main protagonists, young, black, good looking and naïve who travelled out their confort zones using some kind of Quantum knowledge to time travel the best historical chapters of their tragic destiny. Africa the musical's background is a mix of panorama by sunrise meets sunsets while daily bloodshed, dominant culture with rich essences come to bring you tears, laugh and goosebumps under 3 acts.
PremierePremiere in 2022.

Text: Butson Boursiquot alias Buutz
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Africa The Musical/Report
New Update : April-June 2020

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Tags: Förderverein
Topics: Education and Communication, Health, Nutrition, Consumption, and Agriculture, Art, Culture und Leisure Activities, Business and Law, Climate Protection

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Created on: 06/28/2020
Last updated on: 06/29/2020

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