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  • *Sustainable Sanitation Systems for Everybody - Local Solutions for a Global Problem

    Discussion with Alisa Puga Keesey (Program Director at GiveLove) and Korbinian Kätzl (Department Grassland Science and Renewable Plant Resources at the University of Kassel)

    Tuesday, 7th of June 2022 - 7 pm

    Do you use a flushing toilet several times a day? Being used to this convenience, one easily forgets that a staggering amount of people worldwide has to live without access to safe sanitation systems. The consequence of this deficit goes much further than one might assume at the first moment - it affects the quality of drinking water, the loss of nutrients, the spread of diseases and further aspects of human well-being.

    In this event Alisa Keesey and Korbinian Kätzl share their experience in projects to address this situation. Join the talk and the adjacent discussion about approaches for tackling the global sanitation crisis with regards to human rights and the recovery of nutrients:


    Meeting-ID: 986 3976 5640
    Kenncode: 561714

    This is the 4th event of the interdisciplinary lecture series "Verspülte Ressourcen - Kritische Blicke ins stille Örtchen". Most of the events of the series take place on-campus/hybrid at the University of Kassel and cover questions such as:

    What happens to our excreta, after we flush?
    What value and use can be attributed to human excreta?
    What does it really mean to close nutrient-cycles?
    What kind of infrastructures do we need, if we don't want to flush our excreta with water?
    What is the global sanitation crisis and how can we deal with it?

    Want to learn more about the series and upcoming events? Check our website for updates: www.uni-kassel.de/go/sanitaerwende

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