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The Posthumanism Reading Group is a project of Top Transdisciplinary Project Space and it will be held every third Wednesday of the month.

We will start reading from the basic and prelimary articles and combine future program with artist talks, screenings and performances.

In order to access to the articles, please be a member of the group. If you have any problems to access to the group do not hesitate to contact me via email: erel(dot)tuce(at)gmail(dot)com


Here is a short information about Top e.V. and the >Top Transdisciplinary Project Space.
>top Association for the Promotion of Cultural Practice has been operating in Berlin since June 2002. Our members are artists, researchers and activists, whose activities range from individual research to curating project space and to international collaboration. Our infrastructure supports projects that pursue an interdisciplinary approach, support international exchange or deal with non-commercial attitudes. This includes but not limits to project space, biolab, and web server.

We develop ideas being in the air, often merging politics, economics and technologies. Beside other contexts we work in postdigital domain – art forms that address the humanization of digital technologies through interplay between digital, biological and cultural. We support collaborative projects that seek for a dialog and diversity in artistic forms and attitudes. In such a way we contribute our society.

>Top Transdisciplinary Project Space is a project space and a new home for the >top e.V. association. Top previously run by Schillerpalais, founded in 2002 by Schillerpalais e.V. as an initiative of artists and residents of the „Schillerkiez Neighbourhood“ affiliated with the arts. >top e.V. started collaboration with it in 2015 offering content and programme packed with up to date discourses around interdisciplinary art, (h)activism and art education. >Top Transdisciplinary Project Space also includes a biolab.

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Created on: 02/20/2018
Last updated on: 02/20/2018

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Location: Schillerpromenade 4

Project administrator:  Tuce Erel

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